Mark Ables

Mark is a second-generation pilot, third generation military officer with two sons who both elected to enter the Armed Forces of the United States. His love of aviation goes back to around 1970 when he took his first flight with his dad while sitting on his knee. His father says he landed the plane and Mark says he’s taking that belief with him to his grave. He fulfilled a dream when he joined the AF and graduated from the same pilot training base as his father, Reese AFB, and flew the same plane as he did, the C-130. Today, he is living out his dream as a pilot for American Airlines teaching the newest First Officers and Captains to fly the Airbus. His oldest son, a graduate of the USAFA, also flew the C-130 and now flies the KC-135 Strato-tanker in Niagara Falls. His youngest son is an engineer in Boston, Massachusetts. Mark and his wife, a retired secondary administrator, are enjoying the grandparenting experience. Mark says he is committed to the growth and development of the Aero Club of Buffalo which has existed for over 120 years. He’s also committed to reinvigorating the board with new enthusiastic members as well as expanding the member base through the new website, which will make joining and renewing membership easy.